Cloudflare certified partner

The certification process includes passing numerous skills tests and managing at least 100 domains through their reverse proxy services with CDN functions, DDoS mitigation, and security certificates.

Iubenda silver certified partner

To get this certification, the company must pass iubenda’s Basic OCI test and at least one of the Advanced OCI tests on how to use its compliance solutions. In addition, you have to demonstrate your use of iubenda’s solution on at least 200 websites.

bioagricert white certificazioni

Green Cloud Certified Experts

Our clients can count on our best solutions for certified green web hosting. Each year, Agricert, a credited company for certifications, verifies and certifies our compliance with Green Cloud Certified® (created and maintained by the consortium Green Cloud Consortium®).

Codeable experts

You must demonstrate excellent WordPress mastery by submitting numerous case studies, passing individual interviews, live and remote programming tests, and 45-day development monitoring.

Certified cPanel professional

cPanel certification is studied in detail to test your understanding of online systems technologies and the administration of the cPanel interface. It can be obtained after attending courses and completing numerous tests.

Prestashop assistance silver partner

To become a partner, you must demonstrate a real contribution to the Prestashop community by reporting and solving bugs, programming, and public release of modules and plugins. Moreover, you have to show your skills with a portfolio of at least 15 case studies of e-commerce developed by your company.

Paid Memberships Pro official partner

We are among the core contributors of PMPro (as you can see by clicking on this link). We’ve been working on numerous add-ons, especially those related to billing, taxation, and subscription cancellation. Moreover, we supported WordPress Core and WordPress Translate as editors of Italian translations.

WordPress experts

It is necessary to prove your contribution to the creation of some plugins on wordpress.org and pass a strict verification process to confirm the quality standards of the official WordPress directory. In addition, you need to demonstrate some works for the development of the Core and your contributions to the translation of WordPress.

Google partner

You should meet three criteria: to complete Google courses and get a minimum number of certificates; your total quarterly expense should exceed $ 10,000; to show healthy performance and growing overall Ads returns.

WPML contractor

You can get a WPML certification by attending and passing these courses: technical support for the translation service; performance optimization, multilingual SEO; Multilingual WooCommerce integration. In addition, 3 case studies must be sent.

Work in progress

Time, experience, and the growing number of projects handled allow us to add a new piece to the list of certified skills every year. We are working to be certified ISO 9001 and Microsoft Partner (for Xamarin software).