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Websites and app should always be compliant to some legal requirements. If you don’t respect these laws, you can be santionable. For this reason, we have decided to trust iubenda, an international company with a very expert team of lawyers and developers. Thanks to all of the support given to our clients on this subject over the last years, we’ve been certified iubenda Silver Partner. This certification allows us to offer our clients an easy and solid solution for their GDPR compliance.

Principal legal requests for websites and app owners

Privacy and cookie policy

GDPR oblige every website andmobile app to inform their users about tracking visits, through a compelte privacy and cookie policy. Privacy policy should cover some important aspects, such as:

Cookie policy describes all kinds of cookies installed through the website, possible companies they belong (along with a link to relative documentation and opt-out forms) and scope of the treatment.

No, you can’t. Privacy and cookie policy should refer specifically to data treatment through your software (website, app) along with a list of all of third-parts’ technologies used (i.e. buttons for Like on social networks or maps by Google Maps).

It’s quite impossible for a website not to collect any information. A simple contact form or a tracking system like Google Analytics are enough to oblige your website fall to respect this law and show a related policy.

Cookie law

Along with a cookie policy to make a website compliant, you need to show a cookie banner during user’s first visit to your website and get their consent to install cookies.

Some kinds of cookies (like those provided by tools of social sharing), should be released just after user’s consent.

Cookies need to save information on user’s browser during his visit on the website. Today, cookies are essential for a solid website.

In addition, we often install many third-part’s technologies on our websites (such as a simple widget video for YouTube) that rely on the use of other cookies, too.


If the userhas the chance to leave his personal informations on the website or app, for example through a form (contact/registration/newsletter), you need to collect a specific and well-informed consent, and save a prove of it.

You need to collect a consent for each specific scope of treatment – for example, one consent to send newsletter by your company and one to send promotional messages belonging to third parts. Consents can be requested by preparing one or more chck-boxes without any preselected/mandatory choices, along with complete documentation to explain to visitors how you’re going to treat their data.

You need to collect a series of informations any time a user fills a form on your website/app. These informations include an identifier code for the user, the content of the privacy policy he has accepted and a copy of the form shown on the website.

Unfortunately, no. In that email there aren’t all the informations you need to indentify the right process followed to collect his consent, such as a copy of the form actually filled by the user.

Discover if your website is GPDR compliant

Here you have the solutions that
we offer as iubenda partner

SED Web is an iubenda partner. Thanks to this, we can offer our help to set up everythinh and make your webiste/app GDPR compliant.

In fact, iubenda is the easiest and most complete solution to make your software compliant to these legal disposals.

With the Privacy e Cookie Policy Generator developed by iubenda we can prepare a policy, shaped on your needs. Policies are created starting from a database of clauses and articles constantly edited by an international team of lawyers.

Cookie Solution by iubenda is a complete system to manage the visualization of a cookie banner when an user arrives on the platform for the first time, to block profiling and collect user’s consent to install cookies.

Consent Solution by iubenda allows the collection and storage of an unequivocal prove of consent given any time a user fills a form – like a contact form or a newsletter subscription form – on the website/app.

Download GDPR guide

Thanks to the guide we have access as iubenda Silver Partner you will better understand all of the mandatory requirements your website/app should respect.