Did you know that your website can have a strong environmental impact?

The internet industry consumes enormous amounts of energy. The backbone of the internet are data centers that contain millions of servers stacked on top of each other and kept running 24 hours a day every day. These consume a lot of energy and, to make sure they don’t overheat, are kept in a constantly refrigerated environment.In fact, 40% of all energy is used to prevent servers from overheating.

By choosing web hosting green
you can make a difference.

The current situation and estimates

Data centers around the world need electricity to stay in business. Much of the energy in the power grid is produced from polluting carbon sources.

In 2012 there were 500,000 data centers worldwide. Today we count more than 8 million. Thus, the Internet stands as the fastest growing industry based on polluting sources. In these terms, it will soon surpass many other industries. Already today, data centers account for 2 percent of all carbon emissions worldwide, on a par with the airline industry.

At these rates, it’s estimated that data center pollution will grow by 14% by 2040 in the United States alone.

GreenGeeks isour solution

GreenGeeks was founded in 2008 with the desire to create a sustainable environment in the worldwide web hosting industry by making this problem visible to everyone. Since 2009, GreenGeeks has been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a trusted partner for renewable energy.

GreenGeeks is a 300% sustainable hosting service: it employs environmentally friendly servers and offsets energy consumption by purchasing three times the amount of energy it uses to power its websites in wind energy credits. In estimating this data, GreenGeeks is working with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) in Portland, Oregon.

Globally, BEF and all its partner companies (including GreenGeeks) have generated more than 6 million megawatt/h of clean, renewable energy, the equivalent of the electricity used by 559,000 homes in one year.

In addition, the company is part of the One Tree Planted project: for every hosting account sold and hosted on its servers, GreenGeeks has a tree planted to support green oxygen production around the world.

SED Web will give you a 300% green space

We’ve fully embraced GreenGeeks’ cause, also (and foremost) because the server space provided by the company allows for scalability, versatility and efficiency. The resources are of excellent quality and we can count on a secure and optimizable space, ready to ensure maximum efficiency and performance to our customers.

Obtaining high-level results is satisfying; however, knowing that we are doing it in an environmentally friendly way, and supporting an eco-sustainable mission, is beyond compare.

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