Working in SED Web has many advantages

tailor-made for you

You'll be able to work in a stimulating environment that allows everyone to share their ideas, expressing who they really are.

SED Web guarantees an inclusiveand mutually respectful space in all its spaces and communication channels, to collaborators and employees. No one excluded.

This is another reason why our company's team can count on benefitsthat contribute to its serenity during working hours.

Our idea of
corporate wellness

We believe in a corporate culture that is solid but able to evolve as we go. We challenge ourselves to include in our DNA all those values that allow us to create a peaceful environment, minimize stress and stimulate the creative process.

We strive to make our company a workplace that respects ethnic, political, religious, sexual orientation and gender differences, where everyone can find their own dimension and grow professionally.

Ours is a creative job that needs peace of mind, not clocking in and out. For this reason, our departments are organized to allow everyone to be operational at flexible hours, respecting the availability of the client.

All of our employees can work in full remote working mode during their day. This allows us to extend our network of collaboration with industry talent, going beyond our geographic boundaries.

Change your daily location is a good way to improve creativity while working remotely. We know it! That’s why we give our full-time employees €150/month to join a co-working space and break the monotony.

We truly support our team members in their growth. That’s why we offer TecnoAcademy‘s and Learnn‘s courses catalogues, two e-learning platform with asynchronous lessons to follow. These courses are potentially helpful for your personal and professional growth, but it’s up to you to follow them.

Outside office hours, no employee is required to work on company projects or to be on call.

Under no circumstances will customers be given your personalcell phone number. Peace of mind at the end of your workday is imperative

Depending on your needs and role, we provide the technical equipment you need to get the job done: from desktop computers to laptops; from graphics tablets and accessories to additional monitors for your workstation.

At the beginning of the year, all employees are given a calendar with the company’s holidays. This way, everyone knows from the get-go when and how long their breaks from work will be.

In particular, everyone can take 3 weeks of time off to coincide with the scheduled company vacation. Even the most creative and tireless minds need the right amount of relaxation.

All employees have an insurance fund provided by the company, to which they can apply for reimbursementfor ordinary and specialist medical services with different benefits.

Apply and experience for yourself
our corporate wellness