E-learning method

Initial consultation

Getting to know you, your products and your business is our priority. This is the only way we can find and suggest the best approach to include online sales in your sales strategy.

E-commerce allows you to maximize profits by increasing contacts and extending your sales network, complementing the characteristics of your production.

Catalog definition

Your e-learning will have to lead the user to find and buy the course they like in a few simple clicks. For this to be possible, we will study your catalog, organizing it by clear and ordered categories.

You’ll need to plan for the user’s taste in content like yours, whether they prefer to purchase individual courses, subscribe to the platform, or both.

Business proposal

We plan the steps and the specifications of the project in a clear and detailed way, and we communicate them to you transparently.

This is the only way we can give you precise indications on the timing, costs, technologies and professionals needed for the realization of your project. Work will not start without your approval.

Creative brainstorming

We will provide you with a solid base for your platform, created from our best case studies in the e-learning industry. .

We can add all the options that are most consistent to make the experience of buying and using videos unique. We will always evaluate the real usefulness of the features: don’t forget that the real protagonist of your e-learning is the course catalog.

Collecting material

At the same time, we will help you to precisely choose the materials to be included in your new e-learning. With our advice you will prepare the most comprehensive and functional material for search engines.

If you can’t prepare everything yourself, you can count on the help of our experts.

Development of features

After collecting your impressions on our base and the materials to be included, the developers will shape your e-learning.

The development will be mobile-friendly, to make your e-learning perfectly accessible from any device, and will invest every fundamental aspect of the pages of your site.

Server preparation and video uploading

The technical department will upload your first course, divided into modules and lessons, in a server environment specifically made for the fruition of audiovisual content in streaming.

The server must be calibrated according to your user base and the number of courses that will be present on the website at the time of launch and in the immediate future, without giving you too many limits. For this reason we provide you with a server with scalable resources, able to support your evolution.

Configuration of the shopping system

Many aspects contribute to a rich shopping experience for a user: price and details of the course; wishlist; coupon and gamification; purchase options; cart and its functionalities.

Everything will be properly configured to allow an immediate, fast and secure purchase.

Preview and test

The technical department will prepare a web space where a preview of your e-learning will be available.

So, no surprises: you will be able to check the progress of the work and explore the contents of the website page by page until the end of the project. You will be familiar with the effects and functionality right from the first steps of the project.

Approval and publication

Don’t worry: we won’t publish the shop online without your green light. Only then will our technicians start the online process.

After the launch, we will give you all the access keys to independently manage the e-learning and the visits you will receive. Don’t worry, your journey with us is not over: the fun has just begun.

Our success cases

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