Website method

Initial consultation

One of our consultants will be at your disposal to get to know you, your story, your business idea and what you do.

Starting from the distinctive features of your business, our team of programmers, developers, web designers and experts in digital communication can convert your ideas into concrete goals to be achieved together over time.

Business proposal

We plan the steps and specifications of the project in a clear and detailed way, and we communicate them to you transparently.

This is the only way we can give you precise indications on times, costs, technologies and professionals needed for the realization of your website. Work will not start without your approval.

Creative brainstorming

With your help, we’ll analyze how your competitors are doing, what the industry trends are, and what features and designs you’d like to see on your website.

We’ll help you discard less functional options and suggest the most efficient website templates to use as the basis of your design. We’ll strike the right balance between appeal and clarity.

Collecting material

At the same time, we’ll help you choose the right materials to put on your new website. Texts, images, videos and attachments: with our advice, you will prepare the most comprehensive and functional material on search engines.

If you are not able to prepare everything yourself, you can count on the help of our experts.

Development of features

After collecting your impressions of the proposed graphics and materials to be included on the website, the work will be handed over to the developers.

They will give shape to your website, with the support of the best technologies in line with the standards of the network (in particular, the mobile-friendly ones), armed with precision, passion and attention to detail.

Preview and test

The technical department will prepare a web space where a preview of your website will always be available. So, no surprises: you will be able to check the progress of the work until the end of the project.

You will be able to explore the contents of the website page by page and discover all the effects and functionalities developed to make navigation attractive.

Approval and publication

Don’t worry: we won’t release the website online without your approval! Only then will our technicians start the online publishing process.

Once the launch is complete, we will give you all the access keys to independently manage your website and the visits it receives. Your journey with us is not over yet: the fun has just begun.

Our success cases

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