Health and wellness
are serious business.

And today they also pass through the web.

We know your problem

You’ve realized that your services, your products and your facility aren’t visible online because they’re drowning in the specialized services of nearby centers and companies.

You’ve always relied on word-of-mouth and traditional communication, but now your contactsare proving too scarce.

Your website is not user-friendly: there is too much confusing information. That’s why your visitors are getting lost. The web is not your ally in contact management, but the reason for your increasing workload.

Take care of your patients
from the moment they arrive on your website

Here's what we'll do for you

We’ll look at all the tools you need to link together. We’ll understand the languages of each one and create every useful junction to synchronize information between one platform and the others. We’ll work with you to determine what information needs to be imported from one system to another, where it can be entered and modified, in an orderly and convenient manner.

We will organize the information on your website so that it is easy to find. Your website will be your ally in giving (and asking) your future customers everything they need for their visit to your facility. You will have a solid base, designed to make people perform actions that are important to you, such as filling out a reservation form or sending a file.

Safety Health and safety are not an option when dealing with sensitive information like that of your customers. For this reason, we will activate every measure necessary to protect your website, such as the SSL Certificate, which is now mandatory, and we will take care of updating the GDPR and the privacy policy in all the languages of your site.

Your users search your structure and your services online also via mobile. That’s why your website must be optimized to be visible from tablets and smartphones. To do this, we will use responsive development technology that adapts the pages of the website to the size of the screen of the device from which you are browsing.

If necessary, when you have no way or time to intervene in person on the website, we will do it for you. Our technicians will be able to help you with your requests for assistance – from graphic interventions to the modification of content or code to insert new features on the platform.

We will update and protect your website to prevent any kind of malware or obsolescence of the installed elements of the platform. We’ll monitor the website 24/7 and update regularly plugin, WordPress installation and graphic theme to make you work safely.

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Take care of your patients, starting from your online presence.