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Selling online is crucial for your business.

Are you doing it right?

We know your problem

You’ve realized that you’re not getting enough contacts and that your sales numbers could be much better.

Your products are not visible on Google and are being crushed by the weight of competition. You have an experienced and competitive business but you don’t know how to prove it on the web.

You need someone’s support in your business strategies, to acquire new contacts and work on bringing back your old customers.

Online sales have a strong potential

Here's what we will do for you

A beautiful e-commerce and strong marketing activities are useless if you can’t count on a great server. We will prepare your web hosting to give you all the resources you need for a fast and smooth navigation, consistent with the volume of your visits and the specifications of your products.

Every day, many of your future customers visit your website from tablets and smartphones: your e-commerce must correctly adapt to the screen size of the devices most used for browsing. You know that the success of your strategies and the volume of your sales depend on these details.

A satisfied customer is a customer who comes back and becomes an ambassador of your company. You can build user loyalty with various techniques: from newsletters and sending coupons, to the creation of real dynamics that reward your customer’s loyalty, such as point systems.

Your e-commerce may need to take information from other interconnected systems, such as your management system or that of your supplier. It is therefore essential that data is always synchronized between platforms to show the user the correct data at all times.

We will protect and secure your online shop, and we will take care of the legal aspects required by the Privacy Guarantor. We will give you our support in monitoring its health, working on platform updates with a timely verification of new versions of the CMS, theme and active plugins.

The real battle begins when your project is launched online. You need a serious professional who is able to seize the most useful web opportunities for your business model and your goals. We will be at your side to guide you and support you in making the best choices in the long run.

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