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The web is a channel of communication

You can't ignore it

We know your problem

You’ve always assumed that a public agency or service is well-known and irreplaceable. That’s why you communicate only through word of mouth and traditional channels.

You see the web as a duty, a place to oversee only because “others were there”. That’s why you’ve never bothered to see it as a true ally for your public relations.

The digital agenda demands transparency, efficiency and effectiveness from public administrations, but you don’t know how to do it on the web.

A public administration
can benefit from the web

Here's what we'll do for you

Cleanliness, clarity, appeal: we will highlight all the initiatives and information intended for your users. You will always be able to organize them according to priority and initiatives in a flexible and autonomous way.

You can count on us for any ordinary intervention, maintenance, updates and protection of the platform. We will provide web hosting, e-mail, and for every measure to be in line with the provisions of the Privacy Guarantor.

We will optimize the structure on which your website will be hosted thanks to our performance center. This is how you can ensure a smooth, fast and stable navigation to your visitors, without pauses and bottlenecks.

Your users find you, your initiatives and documents (also) through mobile. That’s why your website will be responsive, i.e. it will adapt to the size of the screen. It is not a simple shrinking of the graphics but a more orderly distribution of the visible content on the pages.

You will have full control over the performance of your website. You will be able to check which pages are the most viewed, how many users have logged in, from where, with which device, in which language and at what time. This will help you understand if your communication campaign is efficient and what to improve in your relationship with your audience.

You will be autonomous in the management of your website. You can take care of adding news and materials, editing content, creating new pages and analyzing data on your own. If you are not able to do all this by yourself, you can count on us.

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