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Also for publishing and traditional media.

We know your problem

You’ve realized that you can no longer ignore the evolution of your industry and your customers’ reading habits. Moreover, you need to extend the sales network of your publications.

Your company is competitive and experienced in its field, and it has the courage to go online. You need the support of an expert in online communication and programming, who can meet the needs of those who have always communicated in print but not much on the web.

The web must become
your first ally

Here's what we can do for you

We will create a website for you that is optimized for search engines. We will perfect the code of the website for the important keywords of your industry – the same words that your possible customer types on Google to search for companies and products like yours. This is the only way to gain the right visibility on search engines in the long run.

Your website will adapt perfectly to the size of the screen of the device from which you access it. We’re not talking about a shrinking of the screen: texts, photos, graphics and website features will adjust to take advantage of scrolling and screen size. Navigation will be clear, uncluttered, and optimized. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of potential contacts every day.

Your website will have very effective measures in place to defend it from the most common external attacks, updating it regularly and activating every protection and maintenance measure. We will run your website online only through a secure connection. You can rest assured that we will take care of updating your privacy policy too.

Your website will be easily integrated into your workflow by interacting with the tools already active in your company: from internal management to suppliers’ management, through the software for sending newsletters. We will study and develop the appropriate languages that will allow all these elements to communicate with each other and synchronize information from one platform to another.

If necessary, when you have no way or time to intervene in person on the website, we will do it for you. Our technicians will be able to help you with requests for assistance – from graphic interventions to content or code changes to insert new features on the platform.

Images and design are everything for those who, like you, aim to communicate based on perception and visual stimuli. Therefore, we will optimize all the contents of your website, making them faster, without affecting their quality. This will give the user a smooth navigation, together with server configurations and the right optimization of the source code of your website.

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