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You know you’re an expert in the tourism industry and that your experience is second to none, but you don’t know how to communicate this effectively on the web.

Your competitors have integrated the web into their communication strategy for a long time now. You’re looking for a partner who can help you do the same, to make up for lost time.

As engaging as it is, your site isn’t easy to explore and needs to be optimized for mobile. Clutter and slowness are the first reasons a user will abandon your website.

Every itinerary starts
with an online search

Here's what we can do for you

We will optimize the code and content of your website pages with keywords related to your business. Your future customers will search for you online by typing those very words. Using them according to the rules indicated by Google will allow you to gradually gain visibility among the results of the search engine.

We will develop the graphics of your website using the mobile-first approach. This is based on all those responsive technologies that allow a website to be clearly displayed on desktops, smartphones and tablets. When you visit your website from mobile, the graphics, functionality and content of the website will automatically adapt to the screen size of the device you use.

Your offers change depending on the period, that’s why we will give you a flexible and easy platform to update as often as you want. You’ll be able to modify texts, photos and your services with a few simple clicks. When you can’t do it yourself, using your website access keys, we can do it for you.

Slowness is the first factor that makes a user leave your website without having contacted you. Therefore, we will host your website on a server configured with all the necessary resources of our performance center to make your visitor navigate quickly.

You will be able to monitor and control the performance of your online business strategies even in complete autonomy. Using the official Google tools, you can discover many details about the visits you receive and study your next steps carefully and concretely.

Contacts and purchases must take place in maximum security, both for you and for your customer. Therefore, we will personally follow all aspects related to the activation of the SSL Certificate (useful to have a security protocol in https), the GDPR and privacy policy update, protection, maintenance and updating of your website.

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