E-commerce development

You have few contacts and sales are low

Here's why to implement an e-commerce.

We know your problem

Your business idea is mature and solid. You feel that e-commerce could be the most natural evolution for your business strategy, but you don’t know where to start.

At the moment you are not exploiting the full potential of online sales: more margins on the single sale; control of all promotions; a wider audience and lower management costs compared to traditional sales.

Your competitors have already launched an e-commerce store and you feel you’re lagging behind. Your company is still competitive and experienced, but you don’t know how to incorporate online sales into your internal dynamics.

What to expect from our
e-commerce development

We’ve been working in e-commerce development for years, and we’ve analyzed all of our best case studies and combined their strengths into a solid solution. Your e-commerce takes shape from here, ready to be customized with the options best suited to your sales strategy.

You can manage your inventory directly online. Quantities can update automatically after purchases or be unlimited. We will also be able to synchronize your e-commerce with the quantities of the articles on another management system (for example, that of your supplier).

You know that many of your future customers look online for the most convenient choices before making a purchase and they do it especially from mobile. This is why we will make your e-commerce suitable for navigation from tablets and smartphones thanks to responsive technologies.

Your e-commerce is flexible to any idea and strategy: sending discount codes of different nature, points collection, newsletters, discounts on the recovery of abandoned carts and interactive solutions to give your customer one more reason to return to your shop (and one more opportunity to you to increase your sales).

You will be able to manage invoicing through the shop administration panel, if you think it’s useful. You will have full control over order status (pending payment, order processing, goods shipped, in stock, delivered, etc.) which corresponds to sending automatic emails to your customer.

You can modify the content of your e-commerce by yourself or request support from our technical department. Our transparent management and your autonomy will allow you to give free rein to your creativity without any unforeseen problems.

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300% Green solutions

Your website will be hosted on 300% green servers, thus reducing CO2 emissions, configured to allow maximum performance and scalability.

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Backup Solutions

We guarantee efficient and regular backups, relying only on the best solutions, including Dropsuite, named for yet another year in a row as the best online backup service.

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