E-commerce renovation

Is your e-commerce not selling anymore?

Maybe it's time to renovate it

We know your problem

Your company has evolved over time, you’ve included e-commerce in your sales strategies but it hasn’t paid off as well as you would have liked.

E-commerce is not easy to use because it contains information that is organized in a confusing way. Clutter is something that sticks in the minds of your visitors, who abandon your online shop because of it.

E-commerce management costs are too high, your budgets have suffered and you have often kept your creativity at bay for fear of incurring unexpected costs.

This is how we will take care of your
e-commerce renovation

We’ve been working in e-commerce renovation for years. From this experience, we have selected our best success stories and studied a solid base that can highlight the strengths of each shop, customizable with the most consistent options for your sales strategy.
We can take care of the renovation of your e-commerce by taking into account your inventory management, with limited or unlimited quantities, or importing them directly from an external management system (such as that of your supplier).
We will make your e-commerce suitable for navigation from tablets and smartphones thanks to responsive technologies. This way, all users who are looking for you and come to your e-commerce from mobile devices will find what they need in a few simple clicks.

Marketing solutions You can take advantage of the e-commerce renovation to equip yourself with a platform ready to launch all the sales strategies you want at any time: sending discount codes, collecting points, newsletters, discounts on the recovery of abandoned carts and interactive solutions to make your user come back to the online shop and conclude the purchases.

You will be able to manage invoicing through the administration panel of the shop, if you think it is useful. You will have full control over order status (pending payment, order processing, goods shipped, in stock, delivered, etc.) which corresponds to sending automatic emails to your customer.

After the e-commerce renovation, you can continue to update your shop by making your own changes. If you don’t have the time or the opportunity, you can ask for support from our technical department at any time.

A great added value

300% Green solutions

Your website will be hosted on 300% green servers, thus reducing CO2 emissions, configured to allow maximum performance and scalability.

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Backup Solutions

We guarantee efficient and regular backups, relying only on the best solutions, including Dropsuite, named for yet another year in a row as the best online backup service.

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