Prestashop assistance

Every e-commerce platforms need support.

Yours too.

Prestashop is the framework on which your e-commerce was built, but you realized that you can’t take care of it as well as you would like. Your technical limitations put a damper on your creativity and resourcefulness.

Since you launched your shop, Prestashop updates have brought you to your knees: operating independently on such a delicate machine is not easy and you would need an expert technician to do it for you.

Your shop has a strong potential in terms of marketing but you don’t know how to activate coupons and discounts by yourself, or how to program offers, because you don’t know how to choose the best customizations.

The first impression people make of your brand and products is almost entirely based on how you present yourself online. You are afraid that your lack of autonomy in the management of your shop will become a problem and that your competitors will soon overtake you.

You need Prestashop assistance
a service made especially for you.

How does Prestashop Assistance work?

Prestashop Assistance allows us to take care of every request for ordinary and extraordinary intervention on your platform. Our developers contribute to the success of the Prestashop community. Therefore, they will be able to find the best solution to your problem or give shape to your ideas, providing you with a complete Prestashop assistance.

Prestashop assistance: what solutions exist?

Online shopping is a business that is always abuzz: after offering you our first Prestashop support, you will surely need us again. That’s why we have designed an advantageous solution to offer you a number of hours tailored to your needs. The plan covers your technical needs on a semi-annual, annual or customized basis. We will deduct from this amount of hours only the time really needed for the required interventions, in absolute transparency.

Technical problems and updates?

With Prestashop assistance everything happens in complete safety. For example: we solve the most frequent bugs related to the malfunctioning of the modules installed on the shop, correcting system anomalies and verifying the installed features. With Prestashop assistance, we run a complete check-up to see if there are any updates to the CMS, theme and modules installed. The test is done in a demo environment: only stable updates that do not conflict with each other will then be reproduced on the online shop. All this is possible by activating a special “Platform Update” service.

Optimization and performance?

Having a beautiful e-commerce is not enough. With Prestashop assistance, our SEO experts are available to optimize your website according to the keywords for your market. Our systems engineers, on the other hand, will suggest the most consistent Prestashop web hosting solution for your case and all the services that can help you: from the performance center, to the Privacy and GDPR updates, and the SSL Certificate.

Do you already have other partners?

Our Prestashop assistance is also successful in the dialogue between you, us and the marketing and communication experts who follow your sponsorships. If necessary, we can support you in analyzing statistics, formulating marketing objectives and suggesting a plan on how to maximize your investments.

Our success cases

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