E-learning assistance

E-learning platforms need support.

Yours too.

Even yours. You’ve realized that your e-learning platform isn’t giving you the return you were hoping for from such scalable distance learning software for selling your courses.

You feel that your creativity and business initiatives are being limited by issues that are too technical for you to address.

To cut down on the upfront costs of platform development, you’ve turned to subscription and proprietary platforms that barely, rarely, and slowly meet your customization requirements.

You need a software that is truly flexible to the development of your business and a partner that is receptive to your desire for constant growth.

The first impression people make of your brand and your courses is based on the way you present yourself online. Having a website that takes care of the master data, billing and training doesn’t mean having an e-leaning that is aesthetically unappealing, slow and difficult to maintain.

You need a technical department that is present and competent, that accompanies the growth of your e-learning, suggesting the best solution for your business. Moreover, it must take care of all the technical needs of your e-learning (from performance control to security and updates), leaving you free to think only about your job: training.

You need e-learning assistance,
for your training platform

On which websites does e-learning assistance apply?

Our e-learning assistance starts from a fundamental detail: with what software has your e-learning site been developed for distance learning? E-learning can be developed with a WordPress base, with subscription fee platforms (like Moodle) or with proprietary software created by some web agency (probably offered on a subscription basis).. Giving e-learning assistance is very different depending on the case: with WordPress it’s certainly easier to intervene, especially for e-learning sites of which you have the ownership; for e-learning with a subscription fee (whose ownership of the code remains with the developer), the margins of intervention are much smaller. If you don’t know which case you fall into, we’ll figure it out with you.

E-learning assistance: which cases does it cover?

After making sure we can intervene on the code of your website, e-learning assistance will be useful for many purposes. You will be able to ask for graphic customizations, modify the functionalities active on the platform or restore them in case of problems. You can also ask us for new developments to give your website a more professional touch, from supported languages to selling subscriptions to your courses thanks to Paid Membership Pro (of which we are certified developers). If you need to update and secure your e-learning, we have also developed a custom solution called M.A.P. (italian acronym that stands for Website Maintenance, Updating and Protection). 

Don't have a technical department?

The great benefit of being able to count on a company like ours, created with the intent to act as a technical department for those who do not have one on their own, is that you can request a Continuous Assistance fee tailored to your specific needs. E-learning support is not a one-time event. In order to grow, you need to take care of your business, focusing on creating new courses and unleashing your creativity. You need to get rid of the burden of technical tasks and delegate them to those who do this for a living. Depending on your needs, we can vary the number of hours included in your e-learning support plan on an annual basis. As you request interventions, we’ll scale the time needed from your total hours. If you run out of hours, we can restart your plan when you wish and adjust the number of hours as needed, without waste.

Optimization and performance?

Our company’s technicians are also at your disposal to analyze the performance of your website and seize all possible room for improvement. The e-learning assistance also covers these analyses and the subsequent improvement interventions for your distance learning site. For example, we will understand how to optimize the code of your e-learning, whether it is possible to make the navigation smoother by changing the media (teaching material, certificates, videos and images) or if it is possible to transfer the website on more powerful servers to make it faster. Every little detail contributes to the quality result you deserve: e-learning assistance will help you reach this goal.

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