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Offering e-learning courses is a winning strategy

Even for a business like yours

We know your problem

Your approach to selling courses is constrained by the geographical limits of your business. You could get better results and more leads if you relied on the scalability of an e-learning platform, where a course can be delivered to thousands of people at once.

You’ve often felt restrained from offering courses remotely because you believe this doesn’t compare to a face-to-face relationship with your subscriber.

E-learning implementation requires a good deal of creativity, planning, time and resources, but you fear you don’t have enough. You would like a serious and competent professional by your side.

What to expect from our
e-learning development

Your lessons will be available at any time, from anywhere and on any device. The engine and the frame that will drive your e-learning are built with scalability in mind: whether your courses are attended by 100 customers or 100,000, the information base and the architecture of the platform are made to withstand the load.

The e-learning platform allows you to customize communications and offers to your subscribers based on their activities. This way, the user will feel real care in their relationship with you, tailored to their learning journey. Less time investment doesn’t mean less attention.

By delegating commercial matters and invoicing to the automation of your e-learning platform, you can concentrate on the creation of your courses. By constantly renewing your catalog, you will attract more and more participants and encourage those who are already registered to follow you.

Your e-commerce is flexible to any idea and strategy: sending discount codes of different nature, points collection, newsletters, discounts on the recovery of abandoned carts and interactive solutions to give your customer one more reason to return to your shop (and one more opportunity to you to increase your sales).

We have guided several businesses towards the launch of their own e-learning. Based on these success stories, we’ve created a solid solution that can serve as the foundation for any business, including yours. You’ll enjoy software that is truly functional, ready for anything and graphically customized to reflect who you are.

Autonomy and support To modify the contents of your e-learning or activate discount codes and promotions, you can intervene on your own or request support from our technical department. Our transparent management and your autonomy will allow you to give free rein to your creativity without any unforeseen problems.

A great added value

300% Green solutions

Your website will be hosted on 300% green servers, thus reducing CO2 emissions, configured to allow maximum performance and scalability.

Dropsuite #1
Backup Solutions

We guarantee efficient and regular backups, relying only on the best solutions, including Dropsuite, named for yet another year in a row as the best online backup service.

Our success cases

in e-learning development

La Scimmia Yoga


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