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Paid Memberships Pro is a strong alley.

Are you using it in the right way?

Paid Memberships Pro is a very useful plugin for making your website a subscription-based, scalable platform with diverse offers and plans. However, you still feel that you are using only a small part of all the features provided by the plugin.

You would like to customize payments through Paid Memberships Pro, offering your customers flexible subscription experiences that are open to all the most popular options. You know that Paid Memberships Pro allows this level of customization, but you need expert help to make your offer truly responsive to your users’ needs.

You’d like to show different content depending on the type of membership your user has.Paid Memberships Pro allows this level of customization of content and navigation but you don’t know how to proceed because the plugin settings seem too complex and you are not a technician.

Your creativity and business have to contend with alimited mastery of the plugin. For example, you don’t know how to make trial periods or subscription renewal dates flexible, customize membership reports, or connect popular plugins with your Paid Memberships Pro. That’s why you need the support of a competent and certified technical department.

You need assistance for your Paid Memberships Pro​ ?

What plans does Paid Memberships Pro support apply to?

Our Paid Memberships Pro support is offered on any plan you subscribe to with the plugin. Be careful, though: Paid Memberships Pro is afreemium plugin so depending on whether you use its free version or one of the paid plans, different options will be available for code access and, consequently, for intervention by our technicians. Depending on your needs, our Paid Memberships Pro support will also tell you if it’s time to upgrade your plan to fully enjoy the plugin’s features. The experience of our technicians, who are certified members of the Paid Memberships Pro community, will help you with these assessments.

Paid Memberships Pro support: integrations

Customizing integrations with other plugins is often a pain because their configurations are very delicate. That’s why we often receive requests for Paid Memberships Pro Support to integrate plugins and add-ons maintained by PMPro itself, such as WooCommerce, Zapier, PayPal Express, Mailchimp, custom calendars, community management and social features.. Not only that, you can also integrate additional solutions not maintained directly by PMPro, exploring an infinite horizon of possibilities, thanks to solid technical documentation, REST API and guaranteed support from certified developers, such as our Paid Memberships Pro support engineers.

Customize permissions, roles and purchases

With Paid Memberships Pro Support, we’ll give you the support you need to not only graphically customize the front-end of your website and private area, but also flexibly manage permissions related to the type of membership the user has signed up for. For example, you’ll be able to link several subscriptions together,charging only one of them, as in the case of employers whose subscriptions are given to their employees. You’ll be able to customize and schedule automatic communications to your subscribers and define a user’s permissions based on WordPress settings or by creating new roles based on subscriptions. We’ll help you set up new payment attempts correctly in case of errors or to cancel them, as well as pause a subscription or grant discounts and custom coupons.

Technical department always available

Our company was born with the intent to support heterogeneous realities to approach the web in the best way even without having an internal technical department. That’s why we have created the Continuous Assistance service.. This way, we can offer you all the support you need for your website and, specifically for Paid Memberships Pro assistance. By giving us the responsibility of the technical management of the platform, you will be free to carry on just your work: take care of your subscribers andcreate new videos for the e-learning ed e-commerce.

Certified skills for Paid Memberships Pro

Our technical department is among the core contributors of Paid Memberships Pro (check this link). For this open source community we have wored significantly to the development of different addons, expecially those linked to invoices, taxes management, cancelation of subscriptions, WordPress Core e WordPress Translate, as reviewers of the italian translations of the plugin.

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