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You know that every year the Privacy Guarantor releases new provisions regarding the protection of users’ rights online and that in 2018 the Regulation known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) but you’ve never understood if it affects your company and to what extent.

You know it’s not enough to be followed by a law firm if you’re not then supported by a technical team capable of translating these requirements into operational and concrete moves on your website.

You can rely on
our legal and GDPR support for this.

When the visitor comes to the website for the first time, they are greeted by the banner to give consent to have their visit tracked. By agreeing, the banner disappears but the GDPR requires that the information is available on all pages of the site and can be consulted. For this reason we will make it available in the footer of your website. .

The footer must also include some mandatory corporate information in accordance with the principles of transparency and completeness. In case of a multilingual website, translatable information must always be included in the language displayed in the rest of the pages by the user.

All forms available to the user to get in touch with you must be equipped with boxes to be checked to provide a series of consents. The only mandatory tick for GDPR is the checkbox for processing personal data. A second optional tick is present in case you want to collect the visitor’s email address and use it for sending commercial communications (dem, newsletter marketing).

For the writing and updating of policies (privacy policy, cookie policy, information) we rely on the technical and legal team of iubenda, a leading company in the industry. They are the ones who prepare all the legal documentation that will be installed on your website and keep it updated over time, according to the provisions of the Guarantor. Being a iubenda Silver Partner, we have access to documentation and timely support in case of need, as well as advantageous discounts.

We take care of installing and configuring the cookie moderation software. The software is installed on your website and allows to correctly display the banner that asks the user to agree to the collection of cookies related to his visit. The software, then, takes care of moderating the visit by adapting it to the consent provided and stores the visitor’s choice in case of audit: if the visitor does not consent to cookies, the software blocks all the modules and components of the website that install cookies. This is required by law. By offering this software, iubenda presents itself as the only company in Europe that manages to comply with all legal requirements.

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