Hosting infrastructure

Why do you need a
hosting infrastructure?

To have a fast and secure website

We know your problem

Your website is too slow. Creating it with the best aesthetic solutions in mind was not worth it. Visitors soon lose patience and abandon it in a matter of seconds.

Since you put the website online, you have made changes to the content and functionality. These weigh heavily on the requests your website makes to the server that hosts it. That’s why your website is very slow in loading pages when you browse it.

We will find the best hosting infrastructure
that matches your needs.

It all starts with optimizing the content of your website. We will then evaluate the real needs of the platform according to the disk space required and the estimated monthly traffic, so as to choose the most appropriate server.

A smooth and fast browsing experience also depends on the features of your web hosting. For this reason, we will constantly check that the amount of server resources are always up to your needs. When necessary, we will intervene to adjust them.

Not all content can reside on the same hosting infrastructure. There are different servers depending on the content they host. This is the case of streaming videos for e-learning lessons or files that are required by a large number of users at the same time on a popular website. We have tested the best servers over time, selecting them according to the resources to be hosted.

Not everything has to be on the same hosting infrastructure. When you manage a website and its resources on separate spaces, you must also optimize the way (and the times) your website talks to its resources. Data tables and queries will be written in a perfect way by our system administrators in order to make the most of the potential of the hosting infrastructure.

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