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Maintenance, Upgrade and Protection

Maintenance, updating and protection:

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Work on a website doesn’t end when it goes online. A website must be constantly maintained, updated and protected in order to always have optimal performance. However, you can’t take care of all these aspects on your own.

Often, you’ve heard that your website is not working properly, has been subject to cyber-attacks because it was not adequately protected, or needed updating. Not everyone is able to take care of this. You need a team of experts.

That's why we created M.A.P. (italian acronym
that stands for Maintenance, Update and Protection)

This solution deals with more or less harmful issues that can affect your site on a daily basis, putting its stability and operation at serious risk. These are mitigated in advance and resolved proactively. The security measures studied are then adapted to the individual needs of the platform.

Thanks to a module installed on the server, we will contact the website periodically to check its reachability and response times. At each abnormal response, a notification alerts the technical department for a manual intervention. The checks also allow us to evaluate the reputation of our IPs, preventing them from being blacklisted.

Another module installed on the server contacts the website periodically to obtain the content of some main pages (including the Homepage) to verify that it is similar to a reference copy. If it turns out to be manipulated, a notification prompts the technical department to take action. Such actions detect unintended changes to the website, including critical user activity on the website.

Periodically, our developers check if updates are available for the website, at the level of new versions released for the theme, plugins and CMS (WordPress or Prestashop). . After creating a copy of the website, they test the updates one at a time, in order of priority. When a component is updated but conflicts with others, it is indicated as an unstable version: its update will not be replicated on the online site and they will wait for a new version to be released. In this way, two harmful aspects that cause malfunctions are prevented: obsolescence and conflicts between the components of a website.
We research and eliminate the traces left by plugins, themes or CMS, which expose sensitive or inconsistent information, or the remnants of past installations, uninstallations and updates. We delete modules that are no longer used, and files and folders generated by them, because they are seen as potentially harmful, as in the case of temporary files automatically created based on user activity. Finally, we take care of automatic backups of the entire platform (source code, databases, files uploaded by users), saving them in folders within our servers, not accessible by unauthorized users.

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