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What's the point of a beautiful website if it's slow?

There is none.

We know your problem

We know your problem You’ve often invested in the graphics and functionality of your website, without knowing that nothing works at its full potential if you don’t have a proper Performance Center.

In order for your platform to run fast and smooth, it needs to pay attention to a number of technical measures. These on the whole guarantee the performance you expect from a top quality website. As of today, you don’t use them.

Here's what our
Performance Center can do for you

The cache is a memory. It makes finding the content of your site faster, both on your server and on the user’s search engine. When a user requests to see your website’s page, it can be found through the cache. When its contents are updated, it is regenerated. Search engines also use an internal cache. Google Chrome for example saves the latest updated version of a website you’ve seen and shows it to you again when you go back to look for it online, without querying the server on which the site resides. Speed wins on the web, and those microseconds make all the difference.
Website images will be optimized on three fronts. First, we will use the most compact format as needed (for example, avoiding png transparencies where not necessary). Second, each image will be compressed (without loss of quality) with the goal of reducing the total weight of all media as much as possible. Finally, we generate a series of custom thumbnails according to the different sections of the website in which they are used. All this allows for greater website speed.

Code can also be compressed with our Performance center to load and run faster – as long as it is well written. Html, css and js will be compressed using merging and minimization techniques. This drastically reduces loading time due not only to their size but also to the amount of requests between servers and search engines. .

With our Performance Center we apply a CDN (Content Delivery Network) system to all website components (images and code). This is used to retrieve the content of a page more quickly. It is a geo-targeted mechanism and works by taking full advantage of a browser’s potential while simultaneously loading the components of your website.

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