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Fast, updated, interactive, beautiful.

We know your problem

You’ve realized that you’re not getting the contacts and sales volume you hoped to have from your online presence. You’re not showing up well on Google and you still find yourself relying on old customers, word of mouth and traditional communication.

Your company has evolved, but you feel that your website has remained anchored in another era. You’re often reluctant to show it to new potential customers for fear of looking bad.

Your website isn’t easy to navigate, it’s not eye-catching, at times it looks bare and out of step with your company’s latest innovations.

Here's how we handle
website restyling.

We’ll work on restyling your website to highlight what’s most important to you. Portfolio, services, products, history of your brand: these will be the ones to welcome your future customer.

Users search for you online by typing keywords related to your industry and your company. . By using them correctly in your text and source code, you’ll have a better chance of appearing in Google’s results when a user types them in. So, thanks to your website restyling we’re going to optimize it with these keywords.

For your website restyling we will use a mobile first approach, so that it will be perfectly visible not only from pc but also from mobile devices. The graphics and content of your website will automatically adapt to the size of the screen, making navigation comfortable.

A beautiful website is useless if it is slow and unintuitive. The restyling of your website should use only the best technologies on the market, in their most recent and stable versions. We will prepare a server environment so that your website can be explored quickly.

Navigation should be orderly and fluid so that everyone can quickly find the information they want and contact you in a few simple clicks. When creating a website, order, cleanliness and clarity are key concepts to convert a visitor into a contact.

You will be able to operate autonomously on the site to change texts, photos, videos comfortably, as often as you wish. After we have taken care of the restyling of your website, we will train you in the use of the platform. When you can’t proceed alone, we will work for you.

A great added value

300% Green solutions

Your website will be hosted on 300% green servers, thus reducing CO2 emissions, configured to allow maximum performance and scalability.

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Backup Solutions

We guarantee efficient and regular backups, relying only on the best solutions, including Dropsuite, named for yet another year in a row as the best online backup service.

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